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Terry Chrisomalis
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Welcome to Biotech Analysis Central. My goal is help subscribers easily understand the biotech space. In other words, to learn how to do proper due diligence when deciding whether or not to invest in a biotech company. Tired of missing gains in Dynavax Technologies (DVAX), CytoKinetics (CYTK), Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX), Spark Therapeutics (ONCE), and many others? Than look no further, Biotech Analysis Central just might be the right service for you. 

Launch Of Service
I chose to launch this service because there is a need for both traders and investors to understand the logic behind investing in a biotech stock. Most of these stocks trade accordingly by momentum. There can be gains made from knowing about other items in these biotech stocks. Such gains can be made from knowing about upcoming catalysts, potential trial results, and any other type of news event. I want to educate subscribers on what is the best approach when attempting to invest in this sector. Under my service, everyone will learn the ins/and outs of biotech investing. My goal is to prune everyone to better understand this sector and what is necessary to succeed in it.

Who does this help?
This service helps both new and seasoned biotech investors to better understand what they are buying. It helps both short-term traders for potential catalysts, and long-term investors in their speculative portfolio. My goal is to create a community of biotech investors who are interested in creating profit from understanding other investment items besides minimal research.
To be a good investor in this space, one must have an understanding of the science in place. For example, is the company in question using RNAi (RNA interference), RNA, DNA vaccines, small molecules, or CAR-T technology. This is another side of biotech investing that one must understand to be successful. Other areas involve management, pipeline, clinical trials, etc.

Free Versus Premium
In the free articles I write I delve into the results or news for the company in question. But I don't do a deep analysis of the company itself. In other words, free readers get an initial look into a company's prospects, but not a full analysis of the science, pipeline, management and many other aspects. Another thing I don't do in the free articles is recommend a sell point or buy point.
The premium articles will indicate how someone should handle their position. Should they buy now? Or wait until after dilution? Or buy long before any catalysts? These are the types of actionable ideas that will be discussed. Other ways of investing will be discussed as well. My analysis will not only allow traders to make actionable investment ideas but it will also teach many subscribers to start investing in the biotech space on their own. That's why my service will be worth subscribing to. It will teach someone to become a more well-rounded investor in the biotech space, and that is very valuable.

Track Record
I have been a biotech investor for many years, and I have been writing for Seeking Alpha since 2013. I'm currently ranked #2 in Healthcare on Seeking Alpha. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management: Industrial and Business Services Management from St. Petersburg College Florida. For most it would stop there, but I have a larger track record online that proves just how strong I am in the biotech space.
For starters, I currently have 62,300 followers (at time of this writing) on, under my profile BioPharmaPro. On that platform I have given many of my recommendations and ideas to thousands of investors. In addition, I have written many biotech stocks on another platform known as under my name Terry Chrisomalis. On Talk Markets I have also interviewed and written analysis articles based on those interviews. I will give a few examples of trades where I have made money on. The first of which is Arena Pharmaceuticals(ARNA). I bought Arena at least one year before its drug Belviq was approved by the FDA at around $1.79 per share. As soon as Belviq was approved by the FDA I sold my entire position at around $12 per share. I no longer currently own shares of Arena Pharmaceuticals at this time. That doesn't change the fact that I made a lot of money through that trade. Another successful trade is Conatus Pharmaceuticals (CNAT). I bought my position in Conatus Pharmaceuticals at an average of $1.90 per share, and it currently trades around $5.48 per share. I currently am holding a long-term position in Conatus because I believe it has further upside. These are just a few examples of successful trades that I have achieved.
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